Connecting to Faculty and Staff Web Email
I have my username and password, now what?
Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.
Note: Internet Explorer provides you the most features for EKU Faculty Staff Web Email.
At the top left hand side of the page, type in the Address field of the browser and press Enter.
See below (NOTE: Your browser may look different from the pic below):

Browser Picture
The following link will also take your there:
The URL ( will take you to the faculty/staff mail login page. See below:

Login Page Image

This page has some links to instruction pages along with the blanks for your username and password.
You will notice a few new options on this page.
There are a few reasons for this:
  1. This page allows more security with your account information.
  2. This page allows a user connecting through a slow connection (modem) the ability to choose a lower bandwith version of OWA.
  3. This page allows the user to select the domain their account belongs to (EKUMAIL or FACULTYSTAFF). This comes into play as we migrate users to the new Active Directory system and their email account to the FACULTYSTAFF domain.

First select which domain your account belongs to. Your options are EKUMAIL and FACULTYSTAFF. If you have not been converted over to the new system (you will know if you were and we would remind you of this) then you leave the drop down box on EKUMAIL. If we have been to your office and converted your computer and your account to the new system (Microsoft Active Directory), then select FACULTYSTAFF from the drop down box.

Your email username and password have not changed.

You can also call ITDS at 21986 (622-1986 if off campus) or come in to Combs 207 and have them change your password.

Now for the two new options Client and Security.

The client option, as we mentioned above, allows a user to select a less bandwith intensive version of OWA.
This helps if you are connecting through a modem or other slow speed connection.
NOTE: Always try this as default before changing the selection. The new OWA usually works fine with modems. This is just an option if you do have problems with speed.

The Security option allows the user better security options when checking his/her mail at an unsecure spot or non-home situation.

The other two options (Client and Security) are defined by clicking the "What's This?" link beside each one.
Once successfully logged on, a window similar to the one below.
If your window looks different from the one below, you might have to click the down arrown next to "Folders" in the top of the left window pane.
In each window you will see a toolbar across the top with icons ready to click for each task.
Rest your cursor over these icons to see what actions they will perform.
Note: Sorry, this feature isnít available for Macintosh users yet!
Using Internet Explorer 5.0 (or above) provides you with additional features in OWA. Only Internet Explorer 5.0 running on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or XP supports these technologies. Click here to for a list of these features.

Browser Picture

If I have any questions, who can I call?
For general computing questions or for questions concerning the use of campus software, call the Consultant on Duty at x3000 (622-3000 of off campus).
You can also stop by to see the Consultant in Combs 230 or Library 225B.